University Publications

Special Collections & Archives collect publications by and about campus entities. Items in our campus publication collection range from flyers and handouts for campus events to student-run and faculty-created journals. Some of this material is available online, but a majority is available in the reading room.

To get an idea of the campus publications in our collection, please visit us in person. A few of these items have been digitized and more will be made available over time. Official campus publications that are not accessible digitally are available in print in Special Collections.

New Perspectives

The Perspective

The Learning and Teaching Publication Committee is charged with enhancing the quality of learning and teaching at BYU-Idaho through publishing faculty articles and insights about teaching in Perspective magazine. Back issues will be made available as they are digitized.

News and Notes

News and Notes

The campus employee newsletter, News & Notes, has gone through several changes over the years and been published at varying intervals. These past issues will be made available as they are digitized. 



The campus catalog contains important information about class schedules and people on campus and can be used to understand changing needs of students. 

Alumni Newsletter

Alumni Magazines

Various alumni magazines have been created through the years, including the Summit, BYU-Idaho Magazine, and Upward. More will be made available as they are digitized.