Ricks College New Perspective 8, No. 1 -April, 2008

Ricks College New Perspective 8, No. 1 -April, 2008

SubjectRicks College -- Periodicals
BYU-Idaho -- Periodicals
DescriptionOn The Threshold of The Temple By Rebecca Robinson, Editor. "If There Is Anything Virtuous, Lovely, or of Good Report or Praiseworthy..." By Ronald Bennett, Department of Communication. "Don't Be In A Hurry" By John C. Thomas, Department of Religious Education. "Mahonri's Model For Temple Worship: Rending The Veil of Unbelief" By P. Scott Ferguson, Department of Religious Education. "How Beautiful Upon The Mountains" By Henry J. Eyring, Advancement Vice President. "Destiny of Another Sort" By Vaun Waddell, Department of English. "Opening A Temple In Rexburg" By Val R. Christensen, President, Rexburg Temple. "The College and The Temple On The Hill" By Brent and Donnajean Kinghorn, First Counselor, Rexburg Temple Presidency, and Assistant To Temple Matron. "The Blessing of A Temple In Our Community" By G. Farrell Young, Second Counselor, Rexburg Temple Presidency. "Behind The Scenes" By Vance and Diane Hendricks, Assistant Temple Recorder and Tour Guide Coordinators. "Imaging The Temple" By Michael Lewis, University Photographer. "Painting Our Dual Nature" By Scott Samuelson, English Department. "Writing A Poem" By Mark Bennion, Department of English. "Temple" By Mark Bennion, Department of English. "Consolation" By Mark Bennion, Department of English. "Cleaning A Handrail" By James Papworth, Department of English. "Quatrain" By Matt Babcock, Department of English. "Four Temples" By Jim Richards, Department of English. "Temple Marriage" By Jim Richards, Department of English. "Sunrise Pink, Ocean Blue" By Scott Samuelson, Department of English. "A Pattern of Coors Opening" By Christen Hartvigsen, Historian, Rexburg Idaho Temple Committee. "Clean Inside and Out" By Charles Frost, Temple Construction Missionary. "Painting The Temple" By Leon Parson, Department of Art. "Choreography" By Gerald Griffin, Co-Chairman, Rexburg Temple Celebration. "A Gift From God" By David L. Ward, Department of English. "MUSIC IN THE TEMPLE OF WISDOM: INTIMATIONS OF THE RESTORATION IN MOZART'S MAGIC FLUTE" By Jon Linford, Department of Music. "THE RITES OF SHIVA: JOY AND REJOICING IN YOUR POSTERITY" By David D. Peck, Department of History, Geography, and Political Science.
PublisherSpecial Collections and Archives, McKay Library, BYU-Idaho
ContributorBabcock, Matt
Baron, Ross
Bennett, Ronald
Bennion, Mark
Broadhead, Fenton
Christensen, Val R. and Ruth
Eyring, Henry J.
Ferguson, P. Scott
Frost, Charles and Linda
Griffin, Gerald
Hansen, Gerald E.
Hartvigsen, Christen
Hendricks, Vance and Diane
Kinghorn, Brent and Donnajean
Lewis, Mike
Linford, Jon
Papworth, James
Parson, Leon
Peck, David
Richards, Jim
Samuelson, Scott
Taylor, David
Thomas, John C
Toone, Thomas E.
Waddell, Vaun
Ward, David
Young, G. Farrell.
RightsBrigham Young University-Idaho Special Collections
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Date Modified2021-10-11
Temporal Coverage2008
Extent169 pages
Bibliographic CitationAuthor. "Title" New Perspectives 8, no. 1 (April 2008): pp. Special Collections & Archives, McKay Library, BYU-Idaho, Rexburg, Idaho.
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