Ricks College New Perspectives 12, No. 1 - April, 1995

Ricks College New Perspectives 12, No. 1 - April, 1995

SubjectRicks College -- Periodicals
BYU-Idaho -- Periodicals
DescriptionThe Devaluation of the Mexican Peso: by Dan Bryan, International Business Major and Kevin Shiley, Mentor, Business Management Faculty. "The Impending Renewal of the Earth" by Sherwood Idso. "Issues Surrounding Increasing Atmospheric CO2" by Van Christmas. "Sherem the Anti-Christ: A Jaredite?" by Stephen R. Ott. "Roots of Reformation and the Massacre at Mountain Meadows" by Lawrence Coates, History Department. "Extend the Growing Season" by Lee Warnick, Communication Department. "Internet Security and Development" by Daris Howard, Math Department. "Earthquakes: Shaky Business" by Edmund J. Williams, Geology Department. "Multicultural Mistakes" by Mary Lula Welch, English Department. "Welfare" by Alyn B. Andrus, History Department. "Transitions" by John Bonner, English Department. "The Teacher Going Down" by Robert Worrell, Performing/Fine Arts. "Our Fire Burns Lows" by Allen Hackworth, English Department. "God's Gift of Joy (explanation for 'Butterflies')" by Jeanne Standdard, Telecommunications. "Butterflies" by Jeanne Standdard, Telecommunications. "Pathways" by Brett A. Cook, Bookstore. "To One Afflicted" by Martha Croasmun, Faculty Spouse. "Tribute to Alta" by Merle Riley Fisher, Physics Department. "Until The Ghosts Dance" by Dorla R. Jenkins, English Department. "Desert Wheels" by James L. Griffith, Telecommunications. "Great Is the Mystery of Godliness--A Response to Richard Dawkins: The Blind Watchmaker" by Randall D. Miller, English Department.
PublisherSpecial Collections and Archives, McKay Library, BYU-Idaho
ContributorBryan, Dan
Shiley, Kevin
Idso, Sherwood
Christmas, Van
Ott, Stephen R.
Coates, Lawrence
Warnik, Lee
Howard, Daris
Williams, Edmund J.
Welch, Mary Lula
Andrus, Alyn B.
Bonner, John
Worrell, Robert
Hackworth, Allen
Standdard, Jeanne
Standdard, Jeanne
Cook, Brett A.
Croasmun, Martha
Fisher, Merle Riley
Jenkins, Dorla R.
Griffith, James L.
Miller, Randall D.
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Temporal Coverage1995
Extent65 pages
Bibliographic CitationAuthor. "Title." New Perspectives 12, no. 1 (April 1995): pp. Special Collections & Archives, McKay Library, BYU-Idaho, Rexburg, Idaho.
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