Ricks College New Perspectives 11, No. 1 - April, 1994

Ricks College New Perspectives 11, No. 1 - April, 1994

SubjectRicks College -- Periodicals
BYU-Idaho -- Periodicals
DescriptionHealthy Debate by Kent A. Bessey, Mathematics Department. "Discovery...Evolution of an Idea" by Jack Bond, Biology Department. "The Demise of an American Original" by Steve Moser, Publications. "A Potpourri of Popular Notions in Education" by Kent A. Bessey, Mathematics Department. "Students' Perceptions of What They Learn at Ricks and How They Learn It" by Alan Clark, Director of Institutional Research. "Professional Developpement and Fun Too" by Richard Robinson, Music Department. "Religion and Communism: Past and Present" by Robert Marcum, Religion Department. "The Athol Street Organ" by Robert L. Smith, Assistant Dean/Admissions Counselor. "Joan and Joseph: La Pucelle and the Prophet" by Vaughn Stephenson, Humanities Department. "Moments" by Brett A. Cook, Bookstore. "The Doctrine and Covenants as Literature" by William Brugger, English Department. "The Recycle Push" by Stephen Parkinson, Production Manager, Press. "Censorship: Unrighteous Dominion" by Leland Hunsaker, Library/Processing. "Copyright and the Reserve Book Room Quandary" by Carole Cliften, Library/Circulation. "Seeds of Life" by Brett A. Cook, Bookstore. "Hate Speech" Regulation in America's Universities: A Policy Analysis Perspective" by Ric Page, Housing. "Eyes to See" by Marty Croasmum. "My Mother Dancing" by Dianne Dibb Forbis, English Department. "Confessions of an Idaho Falls Road Hog" by L. Eric Bateman, English Department. "Maps" by Dorla R. Jenkins, English Department. "The Sorensen Indian Artifact Collection" by Charles E. Cartmill, Engineering Department. "Fledgling Genealogist" by Dianne Dibb Forbis, English Department. "Robert Marcum's Trilogy High Adventure, International Intrigue: Mormon Style" by William D. Conway, English Department.
PublisherSpecial Collections and Archives, McKay Library, BYU-Idaho
ContributorBessey, Kent A.
Bond, Jack
Moser, Steve
Bessey, Kent A.
Clarck, Alan
Robinson, Richard
Marcum, Robert
Smith, Robert L.
Stephenson, Vaughn
Cook, Brett A.
Brugger, William
Parkinson, Stephen
Cliften, Carole
Cook, Brett A.
Page, Ric
Croasmum, Marty
Forbis, Dianne Dibb
Bateman, L. Eric
Jenkins, Dorla R.
Cartmill, Charles E.
Forbis, Dianne Dibb
Conway, William D.
RightsBrigham Young University-Idaho Special Collections
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Temporal Coverage1994
Extent56 pages
Bibliographic CitationAuthor. "Title." New Perspectives 11, no. 1 (April 1994): pp. Special Collections & Archives, McKay Library, BYU-Idaho, Rexburg, Idaho.
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