Ricks College New Perspectives 14, No. 1 - April, 1997

Ricks College New Perspectives 14, No. 1 - April, 1997

SubjectRicks College -- Periodicals
BYU-Idaho -- Periodicals
DescriptionBrief Thoughts By Jack Weyland, Physics Department. "Thanksgiving Thoughts" By Alyn Andrus, History Department. "Winter and ATV's" By R. Allen Hackworth, English Department. "Writing For Children" By Joseph L. Alldredge, Elementary Education. "The Joy Of Music" By Lamar Barrus, Music Department. "Internet Update" By Daris Howard (Internet Manager) Math Department & Information Services. "Return Of The Gadfly" By Kent A. Bessey, Math Department. "Juvenile Recidivism: Causation, Treatment, And Impact In Montana And Idaho" By Jack Reinwand, Sociology Department. "The Night Of The Bear" By Edmund Jay Williams, Geology Department. "Life In The Old City Of Jerusalem" By Bernie Jensen, Religion Department. "Happy Ties" By David Crowder, Former Ricks Faculty Member, Now Teaching At Gardner Valley High School. "Sextants, Maps, Drawings, And The Mormon Exodus" By Lawrence Coates, History Department. "The Occurrence Of Mammalian Species At The Ricks College Natural Science Center" By Jerry H. Scrivner, Department Of Biology. "An Afternoon In Retrospect" By Peter J. Valora, Geography Department. "Through The Eyes Of A Child" By Brett A. Cook, Bookstore. "Tender Whisperings." Dedicated To A Gal Named Debbie. By Steve Andersen, Staff - Recreation Education Department. "Chiasmus: Writing My Own" By Doug Ladle, Religion Department. "A Friend" By Merle Riley Fisher, Physics Department (Retired). "The Parable Of The Toll Road" By Terry Silva, Centralized Data. "Lowell L. Bennion: Teacher, Author, Humanitarian, And Father" By Steven D. Bennion, President. "Life In The Shadow Of A Legend" By Lowell "Ben" Bennion. "Lowell's Garden" By Brian Schmidt, Director Of The Teton Mountain, Student Leadership Institute. "Lowell Bennion's Boys Ranch: The Teton Mountain Student Leadership Institute" By Brian Schmidt. "Brother Bennion's Light" By Joseph B. Romney, Religion Department. "A Review Of Mary Lythgoe Bradford: Lowell L. Bennion. Teacher, Counselor, Humanitarian" Review By John L. Harmer.
PublisherSpecial Collections and Archives, McKay Library, BYU-Idaho
ContributorWeyland, Jack
Andrus, Alyn
Hackworth, R. Allen
Alldredge, Joseph L.
Barrus, LaMar
Howard, Daris
Bessey, Kent A.
Reinwand, Jack
Williams, Edmund Jay
Jensen, Bernie
Crowder, David
Coates, Lawrence
Scrivner, Jerry H.
Valora, Peter J.
Cook, Brett A.
Andersen, Steve
Ladle, Doug
Fisher, Merle Riley
Silva, Terry
Bennion, Steven D.
Bennion, Lowell
Schmidt, Brian
Schmidt, Brian
Romney, Joseph B.
Harmer, John L.
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Temporal Coverage1997
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