Ricks College New Perspectives 8, No. 2 - December, 1991

Ricks College New Perspectives 8, No. 2 - December, 1991

SubjectRicks College -- Periodicals
BYU-Idaho -- Periodicals
DescriptionAll Things Are Spiritual by JoAnne Reeve, Physical Education Department. "Changes" by Kimber Ricks. Development Office. "What Can I Teach My Students That Will Be of Greatest Value?" by Elder Dallin H. Oaks. "alpha to omega and nowhere in particular" by Jon Ward, English Department. "Are You Not Ashamed, Socrates?" by Fabrizio Pinto, Physics Department. "Reflections on a Russian Family" by David Hillier, Department of Communications. "The Ejection Lever" by Philip Harmon, English Department. "Under Our Noses The Papers Students Don't Write" by Rod Keller, English Department. "Pilgrimage" by Scott Samuelson, English Department. "A Journey Towards Reunion" by Rodger Sorensen, Theatre &Dance Department. "Confessions of a Garage Sale Junkie" by Michael Farnworth, Family Science Department. "Saluting the Robot: June 25, 2491" by Robot Allen Hackworth, Type X, English Department. "Who Being Past Feeling..." by Dorla R. Jenkins, English Department. "The Bill of Rights" by Alyn Andrus, History Department. "Autumn" by Lorentz Pearson, Biology Department. "Music and Its Effects." by Robert Oliphant, Theatre and Dance Department. "The Eternal Principles in Parking Regulations and Speed Limits" by Lynn H. Davenport, Computer Services. "Opposition: The Fall and the Atonement" by Randall D. Miller, English Department. "'And thus we see...': Mormon Interprets His Own Book" by Donnell Hunter, English Department. "A School of the Prophets" by Gerald Hansen, Jr. Religion Department. "The Isaiah Framework of Second Nephi" by Joseph B. Romney, Religion Department. "A Penny For Your Thoughts" by Jon Ward, English Department. "My Father's Beanpatch at University Hospital" by Jon Ward, English Department. "Appreciation" by Clayton Sonderegger, Welding Tech Department. "Sunday Walk" by Robert L. Smith, Student Life.
PublisherSpecial Collections and Archives, McKay Library, BYU-Idaho
ContributorReeve, JoAnne
Ricks, Kimber
Oaks, Dallin H.
Ward, Jon
Pinto, Fabrizio
Hillier, David
Harmon, Philip
Keller, Rod
Samuelson, Scott
Sorensen, Rodger
Farnworth, Michael
Jenkins, Robot Dorla R.
Andrus, Alyn
Pearson, Lorentz
Oliphant, Robert
Davenport, Lynn H.
Miller, Randall D.
Hunter, Donnell
Hansen, Gerald
Romney, Joseph B.
Ward, Jon
Ward, Jon
Sonderegger, Clayton
Smith, Robert L.
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Temporal Coverage1991
Extent48 pages
Bibliographic CitationAuthor. "Title." New Perspectives 8, no. 2 (December 1991): pp. Special Collections & Archives, McKay Library, BYU-Idaho, Rexburg, Idaho.
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