Ricks College New Perspectives 5, No. 2 - December, 1988

Ricks College New Perspectives 5, No. 2 - December, 1988

SubjectRicks College -- Periodicals
BYU-Idaho -- Periodicals
DescriptionNew Political Developments in Taiwan by Tom Liau, Director, Library. "Perspectives on China" by Edward Malstrom, Ph.D. Education/Psychology Dept. "Summer Travel Studies in Israel" by Kenton Anderson, Business Department. "Pakistan: A New Perspective On Poverty" by John D. Nielson, Econ, Geo, Pol, Sci, Department. "Some Evidence for the Historicity of the Book of Mormon" by Boyd L. Cardon, Math Department. "Adam A Love Song" by Doria R. Jenkins, English Department. "Assos Woman at the Bridge" by Dorla R. Jenkins. "Sarah Ellen" by Scott Samuelson, English Department. "Emigrant" by Scott Samuelson. "The Plan of Salvation (see the testimonies of Amulek and Alma)" by Merle Fisher, Physics Department. "Sleighbus Jungle" by Jerelyn Decker, English Department. "Rush" by Jim Papworth, English Department. "Crossing the Lochsa" by Jim Papworth. "From High School To Junior College to Centennial Celebration" by Jerry C. Roundy, Religion Department. "Centennial Faculty Salute" by Jeffry Simpson, Library. "Publish or Perish: A Fantasy for Ricks College" by William D. Conway, Ph.D. English Department. "The Point of Dress Codes" by Wesley D. Smith. "Small Town Nostalgia" by Moana Boyle, English Department. "A Review of: Cold Sassy Tree" by Olive Ann Burns. "Memories and Reflections: the Autobiography of E.E. Ericksen" by Joseph B. Romney, Religion Department. "A Review of D. Michael Quinn's Early Mormonism and the Magic World View" by Larry Coates, History Department.
PublisherSpecial Collections and Archives, McKay Library, BYU-Idaho
ContributorLiau, Tom
Malstrom, Edward
Anderson, Kenton
Nielson, John D.
Cardon, Boyd L.
Jenkins, Doria R.
Jenkins, Dorla R.
Samuelson, Scott
Fisher, Merle
Decker, Jerelyn
Papworth, Jim
Papworth, Jim
Roundy, Jerry C.
Simpson, Jeffry
Conway, William D.
Smith, Wesley D.
Boyle, Moana
Burns, Olive Ann
Romney, Joseph B.
Coates, Larry
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Temporal Coverage1988
Extent18 pages
Bibliographic CitationAuthor. "Title." New Perspectives 5, no. 2 (April 1988): pp. Special Collections & Archives, McKay Library, BYU-Idaho, Rexburg, Idaho.
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